Why Not Spice Up Sexual Relationships & Masturbation With Adult Toys?


Gone Are The Days of Being Ashamed of Enjoying Adult Toys…

Adult Toys For Pleasuring Todays  Generation…

In today’s generation of technological revolution, neither men nor women need to rely on each other to enjoy ratifying sexual satisfaction with the sex toy revolution in full swing, though there is still a lot that needs to be done to break down the taboos around sex.

Satisfying sex is a super way of stress release in today’s fast-paced society,  and this is even possible without a partner through enjoyable masturbation!

Adult toys are a fun way of enhancing masturbation and intimacy between couples and gone are the days when you need to be ashamed of buying or owning sex toys.

You are not a pervert, sex maniac or have mental problems if you use adult toys.  Sex toys have become mainstream and numerous studies are ongoing into human sexual behaviours and the understanding of orgasms in men and women.

As a matter of fact, there is even an industrial design course given in a university in Melbourne for designing new sex toys for an ever-growing market offering up qualified world-class designers of new sex toys for adults that take sexual pleasuring to new heights!

At Technophobea.com we want to encourage you to find the perfect adult toys and have made it easy for you by carefully selecting partners that offer discreetness privacy and quality with most the additional convenience of worldwide shipping.

Our mission is to help people break through into the 21st Century,  where the subjects of sex and sexual adult toys and accessories are no longer considered taboo, but rather exciting and fun are considered to be fun.

People want to try different adult toys for different ways of stimulation exploring all the possible avenues for adventurous masturbation and intimacy with their partners.

Over 52% or women enjoy using vibrators compared to 44% of men using adult toys and that was statistics from way back in 2011.

Today those figures are certainly a lot higher with many women enjoying vibrators to bring them to orgasm, many that often are unable to achieve the same with normal sexual relations with their partners.

Adult Toys for Women Vibrators Online

People are still conservative about owning and using adult toys and most men and women will still not admit to owning one for fear of being ridiculed by their peers.

Many men secretly desire to own the new range of beautiful real doll silicone sex dolls now on the market and they certainly are a beautiful option for lonely men and women and even for couples.

These lifelike dolls can even be custom made to suit the client’s needs in their appearance, and being full sized can be dressed in different attire.

Read Doll Adult Toys for Men

Most Popular Adult Toys Materials.

Superior quality and Luxury adult toys and vibrators are made of silicone for a  number of reasons like that of being a very durable material, able to withstand high temperatures and the silky skin like the feeling of this material.

It is also impervious to absorbing chemicals, bacteria or fluids and is in most cases completely hypoallergenic making it easy to clean and sterilize.

Many infant products and medical products are manufactured using silicone as a testament to its safety.

It is far better investing in silicone adult toys and adult real dolls manufactured with this material even though they are a little pricier, but your overall experience and feelings while using these sex toys will be enhanced compared to plastic adult toys.

Many men that have used a sex doll adult toy claim it is as close to having real sex at it can be, with some adult dolls having the option where the vagina area can be heated to body temperature thus enhancing the pleasure.

As vibrators go, many also include this same feature to make the experience of masturbation for women more enjoyable.

Adult Toys for Women Vibrators Worldwide Shipping

Buying Adult Toys Discreetly Online…

Sex toys can be bought from many online stores for convenience and most will prefer using this option simply because as mentioned above owning sex toys or products is still associated with shame and embarrassment.

Buying online means you can do so discreetly and most adult toys shops will not show credit card purchases as sex toys, and the product will be delivered in plain packaging as well thus ensuring confidentiality, privacy and discreetness for the purchase of purchase to delivery.

Who Uses Adult Sex Toys and Vibrators

In a survey done  across different age groups and in different countries people wealthy, and middle classed from as young as 20 right through to the age of 70 enjoy using adult toys while many older men spoil themselves with the new silicone sex real doll adult toys which have become a popular buy in the United Kingdom and the United States in the last  few years.

Women adult toys Vibrators

The sex toy industry is growing rapidly just like technology is and soon real doll options will be available that can communicate and move as you will find readily in many recent media articles on Youtube, and has also been seen on television in a few different documentaries.

Surprisingly age groups of from 45 years old to 54 are the biggest owners of sex toys and also those open to experimentation thus leaving today’s millennials far behind…

Adult toys for women also include silicone sex dolls and these are even available on Amazon a store that knows where trends in millennial sexuality, technology and relationships are moving.

Adult toys can enhance masturbation experiences, sex between couples and the dolls can even offer companionship to lonely men although this is scoffed at by many, and criticised widely.

With sex toys, you can be adventurous and enjoy doing things with adult toys that your partner would not allow you to thus ensuring you are completely satisfied with your lovemaking.

Sex Toys Shops for Adults

Sex toys are the way to be adventurous as a couple or on your own and with such a huge variety to choose from you can satisfy any sexual need or fetish without doing any harm to anyone.

Buy your adult toys and silicone sex dolls from trusted suppliers online that offer secure payment and complete privacy for your adult toy purchases.

Technology and relationships are now a part of our lives from communications to sex and you can take advantage of that or get left behind.

Now that we have cleared up some of the misconceptions and myths surrounding sex toys for men and women we hope that this will empower you to make the right choice which in the long term offers you to benefit in your sexual pleasure and well being which is part of being healthy.



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