25 Things to Look for When Your Baby Cries Incessantly!






Why Do Babies Cry?

Crying is a physiological process in the life of a baby.All normal babies cry to communicate with others.

Since they can’t express their feelings in words, their crying is the only way for communication.

If any uncomfortable feeling comes they simply cry. Normally babies cry in situations like hunger, wetting, too hot or cold situations when clothing is too tight, pain ect.

Some kids needing the presence of somebody will cry to get attention. Crying without any cause can even become habitual in some babies.

Even though babies crying is considered as normal, it may worry the family members if it becomes incessant.

Since the reasons for crying ranges from simple causes to serious causes, when the baby cries go and find out what the reasons are…

Crying should never be ignored and as parents, the exact cause has to be identified and managed accordingly.

The following are some points which should be considered for dealing with a crying baby.

Why babies Cry

1.  First of all, even if you get frustrated because of incessant crying….It is dangerous to shake the baby vigorously. NEVER DO THIS!!!

2. Tight clothing or too tight swaddling can cause irritation hence it should be removed.

3. If the room is too warm on a hot summers day,  put the fan on to air the room and open the windows. (Do not allow the fan to blow directly onto the baby)

4. When the nappy is wet remove it promptly and after cleaning the baby dry them with a soft towel and apply baby powder.

5. Pat the baby on their backs or stroke their heads slowly and let the soothing sound of your voice calm them down after they have been crying.

6. See if the baby is hungry and if so give breast milk or feed them until they have had enough to quieten them down again…

7. If the climate is the nursery is too cold cover babies in soft fluffy blankets or a soft towel.

8. If they have been fed and are still in distress you can r the baby gently in your arms and walk slowly around the room and they will eventually fall asleep again.

9. Calming music can also calm a crying child down or a music-making toy can be useful.

10. Try a dummy or pacifier or help babies if they are apt to suck their thumbs.

11. Sometimes babies are lying uncomfortably and simply changing their positions can help stop the crying.

12. It can be helpful to take your baby outside to stop them crying if all else has failed…

13. Rocking cradles, mobiles and other toys can help soothe your baby and calm them down. Put the babies in the cradle and rock gently.

14. If the baby continues crying it often helps f someone else takes the baby and carries them around a little.

Crying babies


Even after all these steps above the baby continues crying then try these tips…

( *The Probable cause is given after every sign…)

1. Press a babies abdomen gently, should they twist or resist you:—it could be Colic

2. Pull a babies ear gently they may cry harder or push your hands away:—this could be Earache.

3. Feel her temperature with the back of your hands or use a baby thermometer:–If high Fever due to any infection you must see a doctor immediately.

4. Examine the skin from head to foot:– Look for signs of Eruptive disease, nappy rash, measles, vesicles, allergy ect.

5. See the nose for any abnormal discharges:– if there is this could be Coryza.

6. Move the babys head gently to feel any neck stiffness:–maybe Meningitis, head injury etc. See a doctor immediately!

7.Keep your ear near close to the baby’s chest to listen for rasping breathing or any rattling sound:–Increased mucus in windpipes. (cold, flue, asthmatic bronchitis ect)

8. Examine the anal orifice:–Look for Anal erosion, rectal polyp, crawling of worms. Seek proper treatments!

9. Examine the genitalia:–Any discharge or erosion rashes or abnormal swelling. seek proper treatments!

10. In male babies check the testicles which may be swollen or tender:– if so could be Orchitis, torsion of testes. Seek treatment!

11. watch for any abnormal body movements and check for any convulsions, rigours, vomiting, coughing, laboured breathing ect. Seek treatments!

If you see the above signs or any other abnormal signs consult your doctor for proper treatment. The same applies if you have tried everything and your baby continues to cry. It is always better to be safe than sorry and no doctor will ridicule you for being paranoid about the well being of your baby.

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