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What are YOUR Emergency Evacuation Survival Plans?

Emergency Evacuation Plans

North Korea…Earthquakes Everywhere…Global Warming? WILL YOU SURVIVE?

The world is in upheaval and on a path to destruction and all you have to do to realize this is true is watch the news. Do you have emergency evacuation plans in place, have you got survival kits, do you know what you have to do when a disaster strikes to save your life and that of your family?

Some time or another a disaster will affect you no matter where you live, and if you have not put some basic emergency evacuation survival plans in place it can cost you your life. A few survival preparations will give you peace of mind and when not if disaster strikes you may be the family that survives and endures…

In many cases some types of disasters are predictable, and fortunately, in these cases, sufficient warnings are given by authorities to evacuate, while in other cases you will have no time to prepare at all.

Emergency evacuation survival plans should be a serious consideration for everyone, and just as organizations like schools workplaces and institutions have emergency drills in place, you should have the best possible survival plans for your family survival at home as well.

Emergency Evacuations Plans and Gear

Examples of common natural disasters that are more prevalent than ever before as global warming affects our planet are floods, earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes, wildfire and oil fires, and adverse weather conditions.

Add to these man-made disasters now more common than ever like social unrest, aggression, terrorism, and political upheaval in the world, and you could say that the possibility of the 3rd world war is looming. Bacterial warfare and disease pandemics may break out due to the tampering with DNA, cloning and GMO foods, and antibiotic-resistant strains of TB and Avian Influenza are all very real dangers in our world.

You’re Survival Foresight Will Save Lives!

Surely now you realize that it’s not a conspiracy or doomsaying and that everyone should make proper emergency evacuation survival plans and formulate emergency preparedness survival gear and supplies.

What Happens after a Major Disaster Event?

After disasters common shortages or nonexistent services which affect the major populace are:

1) No electricity, gas or water supplies which could be for weeks in some instances. This is often after earthquakes or major flooding.

2) No access to food or food delivery because grocery stores have been destroyed, looted or burnt down. There may also be lack of deliveries to the food stores for them to keep supplies on the shelves.

3) Lack of law enforcement and authority infrastructures like garbage collections, sanitation, restricted access to medical facilities, and emergency services.

4) The prevalence of crime increase where refugees and criminal elements go on looting rampages desperate to find supplies. Raping killing and chaos are all caused by panic and starving people when society has broken down.

Social Unrest Chaos

Disasters Common in Your Area?

Your front line emergency evacuation survival plans should be suitable for the type of disasters that are common to your area. Do you live in an earthquake-prone zone, or near a volcano, or area where regular flooding occurs?

To make sensible survival plans, and emergency preparedness kits then know what disasters affect your area the most. Where it concerns survival kits and long-term storage emergency foods the basics are the same to survive any major disasters, but your survival depends on your foresight, and proper planning right now while you are able to.

Survival gear for emergency evacuation plans

Work out threat assessments for different types of disasters, and read up the survival guides which guide you on what survival plans must be put in place suitable for where you live.


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