Survival Tips for Disaster Preparedness You Should Practice

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Disaster Preparedness for Extreme Weather and Other Disasters.

disaster preparedness

Practice Disaster Preparedness.

Disaster preparedness

Disaster can happen anytime and almost anywhere. Being prepared during these scenarios is very important.

Sometimes it is about life and death and you will never want to be caught unprepared on times like this.

Here are some of the survival tips that can be very helpful to be prepared during a disaster.

Expect that disaster will occur – thinking that a disaster will take place is the very first thing that makes one prepared.

Of course, if you have in your mind that a disaster like an earthquake, storm, or fire can happen, you will be mentally prepared as well as emotionally.

This plays a very significant role because when disaster really strikes you will know what to do which will surely increase your survival rate.


Don’t Panic – this line is very common in any disaster preparedness drill that some people just take it for granted, but this should not be the case.

You should always remember that when you panic you cannot think properly and the level of your fear rises.

Instead of doing it, you should think of ways to deal with the situation effectively.

One who is prepared has no time to panic but rather spread survival tips to other persons in times of disaster.

Create a survival Plan – it is very important that a plan is set in any kind of disaster that can happen.

For example if a strong typhoon strikes, your family should have an evacuation plan or if a fire happens every member of the family should know about the fire exit or how to use a fire extinguisher to suppress a fire that is not big.



Having a plan also means that you are recognizing your limits.

There are people that have physical disabilities and cannot act quickly during these scenarios. Providing them a survival plan is very important.

Practice the Disaster Preparedness Arrangement or Plan – of course, it will always be easier said than done.

It is very significant that you act every single details of the preparedness plan. Doing this can help you further improve the plan depending on different situations and factors that can happen.

Practising it will also help you master it so that when the real disaster occurs, it will not be very hard for you as well as the people you are with to implement the plan.

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Be simple and clear – being simple with the plan you set, which means having survival tools or gear that are not that complicated, is also very important.

During real-life disaster the pressures are usually high and having a complex plan will surely not be carried out, and worse, create problems along the way. That’s why it should be kept simple.

The plan should not also be vague. It should be clearly understood by every individual involved.

By following these tips, one can be well-prepared during disasters. Our lives are valuable and we should guard and protect ourselves the best way we could.

Disasters can be prevented from doing much harm your life as well as your property if you will know how to handle it.

This will only happen if you are prepared.

Disaster preparedness

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