Relaxation Techniques to Stress less and Slow Life Down!

Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation Techniques: Why You Need to Relax and Find Stress Relief…

Relaxation Wellness


  1. Introduction
  2. Who suffers From Stress?
  3. Modern Stress Killers
  4. Types of Relaxation Techniques
  5. How to Relax Your Way!

5:1 Meditation & Deep Breathing

5:2 Mindfulness Training

5:3 Muscle Relaxations

5:4 Yoga Practices

  1. Finding Relaxation Help!
  2. Final Tips
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You are stressed and Life just seems to be overwhelming right now! You hate your life, you are battling with money, your job sucks, you have problems in your relationship and everything that can go wrong does. Chronic stress is killing you and you need to do something about it fast!

Experts say you need manageable amounts of stress to protect you, help you find solutions to difficult problems, save your life in flight or fight situations and enhance creativity and increase knowledge. If you read medical Sites like the ‘Mayo Clinic’  the Web MD and other medical websites you will find much information on the vital importance of stress relief and relaxation.

Twenty years ago stress was hardly known, and in the media called a ‘Yuppie disease’ because mostly it occurred among high powered executives, and people in responsible positions. The average person lived a simple contented life, heart attacks and strokes were not as common as today either, and Road Rage was unheard of!

It was also shocking to hear of people that had suffered from a nervous breakdown, or snapped as people coined it, and taken their lives in suicides, or had heart attacks, strokes, or cancer all triggered by the pressures they had been facing.

Time To Relax

Remember the popular song like ’Don’t Worry’ Be Happy’ probably a hit because the stress was becoming a norm for everyone and the pressures of life were building as more technology was introduced into our lives.

Fast cars, fast travel, fast vacations, fast food, easy communications, internet, and mobile phones have not made life simpler, but more complex and stressful. Then add the chase for wealth, power, materialistic lifestyles to the mix, and you end up with a boiling pot of stress to your life! Relaxation techniques should be practised by everyone today to take time out, step back and realize that it is our own doing making life rush by without really enjoying the living part of it…

Highly stressed people are more likely to suffer from serious illnesses, and even death from strokes, heart attacks, and even cancers can be triggered by extreme emotional stress.

Then of course, highly stressed people have added pressure on relationships and family because stress can be infectious when everything in life is all so hurried.

Who needed relaxation techniques back then when life was simple, a vacation was a real way to get away from it all and unwind, and yes life was still a breeze back then, calm and simple until technology added all the pressure…

Now people need to go back to the basics to learn how to relax, find proper stress relief and claim back their lives from what people often call modern living, especially in cities ‘The Rat Race’

Relaxation exercises

Who suffers from Stress?

Almost everyone suffers from stress, more so than ever before, and this even starts in young children that experience stress from the pressures of peer pressures, parenting, and education.

It has further been said that women suffer from stress, more so than men, especially with all the pressures on modern women by the media to look beautiful, and added to this social media pressures where more and more time is being spent by everyone as internet access becomes more freely available. Women with children also have added anxiety from parenting, careers, and even hormonal changes, all which add to emotional stress.

Overcrowding, financial pressures, appearance to look good and stay in fashion, and peer pressures, drastic lifestyle changes, career stress and even loss of a loved one, all add up making people highly strung, with some on knife-point edge close to breaking point. If the pressure of extreme anxiety, fear and agitation is not released, it can result in a complete nervous breakdown, or cause drastic actions which can be regretted later.

Managing Stress

You need to understand that natural stress in small doses is necessary for your protection, and this instinctive stress is there to provide the proper response to save yourself from danger or deal with an acute problem or scary situation in the given moment. This is called the ‘fight or flight’ stress, a built-in instinct everyone is born with.

Being in a state of constant high-level stress though means your body stays in a state of tension which is the ‘flight mode’, and this is what can eventually lead to exhaustion, burnout and complete nervous system collapse. As mentioned on the Mayo Clinic website about relaxation simple steps can be implemented to reduce serious conditions that can affect the health of highly stressed individuals. It’s sad that people are even too rushed to read the information properly especially when that information will really benefit them.

Young children and teenagers that feel completely cornered by high levels of stress, can take drastic ways out like drugs or suicide. In the last few years, some horrific consequences have happened due to overwhelming stress, many of them in schools and colleges…

Be Happy

In modern society, stress relief can now be gained from applying relaxation techniques, seeking counselling and therapy, and analyzing lifestyles to make necessary changes before stress becomes overwhelming. With so much access to information on the internet which guides people on how to relax it is a wonder that more people are not practising the simple techniques or seeking help?

Often we create our own stressful situations, by empowering our minds to think certain issues, situations we need to face, or problems are insurmountable, and this ends up making us feel helpless against them, and thus convincing ourselves there are no solutions. NHS Health UK another well know health website, mentions the high incidences of depression now experienced in society indicating stress as the culprit! Now that you have access to a complete resource of relaxation practices to start slowing life down… make use of them starting from today!

As you may know, the only way to overcome stress is through proper relaxation techniques, many which have been used for centuries in eastern cultures, all which are vital before serious consequences result when fear, anxiety, and stress reach unmanageable levels!

Stress and Anxiety in Women

Modern-Day Stress killers!

On the way home after a tough day at work, the added stress caused in rush hour traffic while commuting home, the heat in the car because the day was hot, and noticing that your fuel tank is almost empty, plus you need to fetch the kids at school, and you are going to be late…. all make you a candidate for ‘road rage’..

You could explode at any moment, erupting into a boiling rage, because someone cut out in front of you, or road works have caused unnecessary delays making you late for your appointment to fetch the children at school. serious actions have been committed when people explode into an all-consuming rage on the roads…

The what in reality was a minor action from another road user, which slowed you down, even more, may cause you to see red, and result in actions you may regret for the rest of your life.

People have been killed in road rage attacks, vehicles trashed, and serious accidents and injuries have been caused, and criminal offences have been committed, all because the person was a ticking time bomb of stress.  Have a look at these statistics on Road Rage!

Road rage

Let’s say you managed to drive safely enough, and arrived home without incident, grab a glass of wine and start relaxing watching television with your feet up but you still feel stressed and angry going over the days’ experiences. Lots of people think this is the way to relax, but your subconscious is still in overdrive, processing the day, and you are still highly stressed without fully realizing it. You are still at explosion point and any small issue could trigger a serious emotional response…

Your body still has tension and your muscles can feel like coiled springs, often causing headaches, neck, shoulder and back pains. Dropping the TV remote onto the floor or spilling a glass of water can cause you to erupt into a rage, with all the pent up stress causing the smallest problem to be magnified.

Highly stressed

Stress is a rampant condition in our modern fast-paced society, all coming because we are seeking instant gratification, because the technology that now encompasses our lives was supposed to make life easier, and allow more to be done in less time.

Unfortunately, the opposite is the case with technology adding to the pressure, and smartphones mean you can be disturbed anytime, anywhere, plus there is social media pressures to contend with. Modern stress is causing people to live unfulfilled, angry, unhappy lives, and people are seeking a way out, searching for relaxation techniques that will truly turn their lives around. Are YOU ready to Relax?  If you have been reading up to here there is hope…

There are solutions that can be learnt on your own, or by getting professional help. Proper relaxation techniques practices will help you relieve the pressures you have been under, and there a number of different techniques that can be applied to any type of lifestyle. Learn to relax and relieve stress because you could become a victim of a health problem… Are you manifesting physical symptoms of chronic pressure from life?

Some Health problems experienced by people under extreme stress include:

  • Migraine and tension headaches
  • High Blood pressure
  • Depression and Unhappiness
  • Higher incidence of Strokes and heart attacks
  • Chronic insomnia, Nightmares
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome, (IBS) Ulcers, and indigestions.
  • Tinnitus ringing hissing in the ears
  • Bruxism, Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ)
  • Neck Back, and Joint Pains
  • Lack of Libido
  • Severe Menstrual Cramps in Women

Then the added bad habits of stress-causing more illness like higher consumption of fast foods, unhealthy eating habits, excessive smoking, drinking, and driving too fast, thus increasing the risk of accidents and road rage. High chronic stress levels further result in strained relationships, divorce, verbal abuse, and physical abuse, all due to higher anger, irritation, and agitation and impatience.

Stress and Meditation

Choosing Relaxation Techniques Suitable For your Stressful Lifestyle.

Severe stress, anxiety, and emotional pressures can be dealt with through proper therapy, and counselling, but finding and learning practical ways to relax and find stress relief is beneficial if you know and realize, then accept, you are suffering from stress overload. Only when you admit you are living at boiling point and need help can you apply solutions for calming down and relaxing!

Fortunately, there are a number of different relaxation techniques that will suit different lifestyles, specific needs, and the levels of stress you have to deal with in your way of life.

The benefits of learning how to relax and release pent up stress are improved health, more efficient life management, alleviation of stress and anxiety, better relationships, and improved self-esteem and confidence in all areas of your life. Calmness allows you to slow life down instead of living in a hazy blur, without going through the real process of living and enjoying life the way it was supposed to be.

Sometimes practising combinations of these methods to relax are necessary to achieve a balanced, peaceful fulfilled life. Plus you realize the benefits of health that come with being able to really fully relax, find peace of mind, and live a balanced lifestyle. Take back your life from technology instead of letting it rule you and start prioritizing your life the way YOU want to live it.

Meditation, self-hypnosis, mindfulness training, deep breathing exercises, yoga, and assisted relaxation techniques, are just some examples that help relieve pressures and stress, build up your immune system, and allow you to find happiness and well being. Start of small choosing the relaxation exercises that suit you best and before you know it you will start enjoying your life to the full again.

To Recap: Many health problems people are experiencing are directly related to high levels of stress, which were pointed out in the previous section, and these will clear up once you know how to relax and let go…

How to Find Stress Relief

How to Relax and find Stress Relief.

Learning how to relax can help slow life down, and make you happier, calmer and be more in control. Many different methods can be applied to relieve stress, and sometimes a combination of a few relaxation techniques are the ultimate path to serenity and fulfilment.

Below is a summary of ways to relax which can be found in more details on this website including access to training and courses so that the method can be applied correctly for maximum results.

Meditation and Deep Breathing Training

This timeless method of deep peaceful relaxation has been practised for centuries in many cultures and can be done anywhere at any time. Short periods of calming meditation will bring down stress levels, increase focus and relax you physically as well. Perhaps a complex problem is being faced at work, or at home, or a financial issue is troubling you, all which you need a solution for. By practising meditation can help you realize a solution because you allow your mind to become uncluttered giving you the clarity to see the solution is right there…

Meditation and deep breathing practices can be done anywhere for a few minutes, to longer deeper sessions, which can be further enhanced with aromatherapy, music, focusing on images, thoughts, or other suitable elements available in your situation.

The practice of deep slow breathing from the core of your belly coupled with meditation helps your entire body achieve relaxation. You should also know that there are quite a few different methods of meditation that can be learnt, from a variety of courses available, now easily accessible online. (see resource links at the foot of this article for some recommendations)

You will additionally find there are many different ways of practising meditation, so it is best to find the course that is suitable for you starting from beginner and then advancing to experienced levels.  Some examples of this practice include Christian meditation, Zen meditation, visualization meditation and meditation, with some further combined and enhanced with yoga practices.

Mindfulness Training.


This very effective way to learn how to relax and relieve stress has become very popular, especially for people in high powered careers, or executives. However, everyone can benefit from this relaxation technique, which stems from analyzing and understanding your feelings in the present moment.

Mindfulness training is letting go of the past, and focusing on the present forcing realization that the past cannot be undone. By using awareness of letting go of the past, the forward courses of action you will be making for future decisions will be trained in your mind to become the forefront focus of your thinking.

Mindfulness is calmness focus on the right now, right here, telling your mind you are in full control, thus lowering levels of stress. Mindfulness training is simple present moment focused thinking, that can be applied in any situation’ The Now”

Mindfulness training can teach your subconscious mind to help you achieve or master anything. This was something taught in the course that swept the world called ‘The Secret’ which in actual fact was mastering mindfulness, future forward thinking and controlling your own destiny.

 Stress relief Through Muscle relaxation Techniques

Stage By Stage Muscle Relaxation.

This relaxation technique is excellent for people that have stress-related muscle pain, which commonly occurs in neck, shoulders, and joints causing headaches and stress migraine.

Known as the ‘Jacobson Progressive Muscle Relaxation technique’ it consists of the focusing of tightening and relaxing of the various muscle groups, combined with deep breathing exercises.

This method is best taught by therapists but it can be applied through proper training and self-learning.

Each part of the body is focused on, often starting at the feet muscles and working for each muscle group until your entire body is completely and fully relaxed. Initially, it is difficult to work the individual muscles separately, so does take some practice.

Stress Relief Through Yoga Practices

Yoga poses combined with meditation have multiple benefits in helping to relax and relieve stress and tension. Relaxation poses may be difficult to master and need practice but they benefit is making your body supple, relieving tension in muscle groups and deep breathing with stretching helps to relieve stress. Below are some examples of well-known Yoga practices:

  • Hatha Yoga is the easiest way to learn Yoga and meditation and you can find many online classes that are video-based for easy learning. If you have never practised yoga before seeking beginner classes.
  • Fitness Yoga is often taught by well-trained professionals at gyms, and special classes because the intenseness of these yoga workouts are more focused on fitness, weight loss and body suppleness. All exercises methods are helpful in stress relief and relaxation techniques because after an exercise session your body will start to relax.
  • Anusara Yoga also called friendly acceptance yoga because the specifically required positions are not stringently adhered to and made flexible to everyone. This type of Yoga is superb for beginners and people that are nervous about practising yoga because it avoids injuries.
  • Bikram Yoga is done in heated rooms and saunas focused more for fitness and weight loss. This form of yoga has many different poses up to 25 positions, which are often practised twice in each session.
  • Other Yoga: There are many further practices in Yoga training programs suitable for all types of needs from relaxation to fitness like Kundalini Yoga, Power Yoga and Yin yoga discussed on this website to links to the courses you can investigate to see whether they suit your needs.

To learn Yoga there are some excellent Video Online Yoga Classes great for beginners. Follow the professionals while learning yoga to avoid injury and take maximum benefit that yoga can provide for relaxation techniques, fitness or even weight loss because trying to lose weight is equally stressful.

 Help for Relaxing

Finding Relaxation Help.

If you are highly stressed, anxious and feel you are at breaking point, help can be found through consulting with professionals therapists, including physicians, skilled psychologists and general health practitioners. Self-help remedies for stress relief and relaxation are also available but it is important to apply the techniques correctly and make them a habit for a complete lifestyle change to living calmly, and relaxed!

There are links in the resources section on the bottom of this article to specific highly respected relaxation techniques, and other courses for meditation, anxiety management and life-coaching on this website including Yoga practices, and mindfulness training.

Living life in a state of stress and anxiety, worry and agitation, not only can lead to disease and even death but also affects everyone around you negatively. There is no need to, considering that there is a help to be found from many different sources right here!

Some may opt for Massage Therapy, which is another way that can help relieve tense muscles, and relieve stress, but unfortunately not everyone has easy access to massage therapists, and in addition, these services can often be quite expensive as well.

Finding and applying relaxation techniques to relieve stress, and increase calmness and well being are important, so no one should make excuses for not having the time to find inner peace, and live a better lifestyle for it. Your health is at stake when you are living on a knife-edge of stress.

How to Relax Some Final tips

  • Make time in your schedule to practice relaxing and stick to it.
  • Don’t be discouraged if you do not achieve instant results. Learning how to TRULY relax takes time and you WILL master it
  • Remind yourself of the health benefits of learning how to relieve stress, and practising relaxation techniques
  • Choose quality training for relaxation and complete the entire course for maximum benefits
  • Make meditation, relaxation and mindfulness practices a daily habit, and realize that YOU are in control of your health and destiny.

Thanks for reading.

Hows to relieve stress for peace of mind

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