Masturbation, Fun Healthy Pleasure Alone & Together!

Using Sex Toys for Masturbation Pleasure.   Masturbation is Fun and Healthy Sexual Pleasure For…


Using Sex Toys for Masturbation Pleasure.


Masturbation is Fun and Healthy Sexual Pleasure For Everyone

Masturbation continues to be somewhat a taboo subject with few people prepared to openly talk about it let alone do it with their partner.

Sex-perts will tell you it is healthy and beneficial in many different ways and only you know what masturbation technique you enjoy best.

Masturbation does not have to be a solitary exercise with your favourite sex toy either but can be a fun way to enjoy sex with your partner ensuring you both enjoy explosive orgasms together while having lots of fun. Using sex toys can make masturbation together exciting,  adventurous and fun too.

Not everyone enjoys masturbation, and if you don’t, perhaps this could stem from an early age where, as a child you were reprimanded being told off that it is wrong, by your sexually repressed parents, making you build up a guilt complex about doing it. Some parents even tell children their genitals will rot or fall off if they masturbate so imagine the fear build up from these kinds of statements?

Today it has been proven to be a healthy activity a perfect way to relieve stress and anxiety, for body relaxation, and great for building up a healthy immune system.

Everyone should enjoy healthy sex together as a couple and alone during masturbation but lest talk about masturbating as a couple… Mutual masturbation allows you to fully and lazily explore each other’s bodies, and while doing so, you can ask your partner what they enjoy the most, and avoid what doesn’t.

sex Toys for masturbation

A great start to couples masturbation is choosing quality sex toys together which can be bought from any of the thousands of suppliers online these days. Once they arrive you will truly enjoy using them for fun satisfying mutual masturbation.

For the best experience, you can take turns pleasuring each other, being completely honest in telling your partner what really turns you on. You may both be a little shy at first masturbating together, but once the real pleasure begins this can go out the window.

Many women don’t enjoy orgasms during penetrative sex and using sex toys together will change all that and it can be deliciously fun too…Clitoral stimulation is easier with sex toys and can give your lady powerful orgasms and even multiple orgasms at that.

Masturbation Toys for Women

Start off by choosing top quality sex toys for masturbation which although will cost a little more will ensure many hours of enjoyable masturbation together and alone.

Sex toys are mainstream today and many online sex toy suppliers offer discreet purchase and shipping in plain packaging.

After being together for sometime sex can become pretty boring and even nonexistent in some relationships and sex toys can change all that. Your partner may be a little shy and conservative about using them and if so discuss this openly with each other to help overcome this.

Better sex can be enjoyed by being creative and adventurous from playing dress up to more adventurous activities like bondage but you should both agree to whatever you want to experiment with in all instances.

There are many ways to enhance your masturbation experience and a favourite one is getting aroused by both watching your favourite porn movies together and while doing so prolonging sex for as long as possible. Whether you prefer to masturbate alone or together make it a fun free pleasurable experience and avoid building up any guilt about it.


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