Do You Have a Bucket List of What You Would Like to Experience in your Life? Here are Some Ideas!

Here Are Some Great and  Fun Bucket List Ideas That Will Help You Make Your Own List!

Bucket List

Start Your Bucket List Today and Make Life Exciting!

Without Vision, your life is going to be a square box with you walking from corner to corner. Once your vision is firmly placed in your mind and subconscious you can start taking ACTION and little steps on your roadmap to making those dreams come true.

My Buclet List

You want to create a bucket list and don’t know where to begin so you keep putting it off all the time? Here are 75 of some common ones which will give you ideas.

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Write down your own list of what you visualize doing in life, and add to it as new ideas and dreams come to you. Keep the list in a diary and when you have achieved one of the ideas on your list you can cross it out!

      1. Try out Skydiving
      2. try out Bungee jumping
      3. Write a book & publish it
      4. Try out Parasailing
      5. Go Scuba diving in the Carribean
      6. Fly in first-class Abroad
      7. Learn how to surf
      8. Learn how to ski
      9. Visit 7 wonders of the world
      10. Learn a new language
      11. Make a real difference in someone’s life
      12. Dance carefree in the rain
      13. Learn a type of dancing
      14. Watch a sunrise in Japan
      15. Touch cherry blossoms in Japan
      16. Learn how to play a musical instrument
      17. 17 Build a snowman taller than me
      18. Fly in a hot air balloon sightseeing
      19. Really do something to help someone in need
      20. Make someone happy
      21. Inspire someone to live
      22. Shower in a waterfall
      23. Run a marathon for a cause
      24. Take up a course in something crazy & complete it
      25. Go mountain climbing
      26. Break a bad habit
      27. Complete 25 random acts of kindness
      28. Donate a large sum to charity
      29. Explore 4 countries in Europe
      30. Go on holiday in the Maldives
      31. Swim with the dolphins
      32. Go Shopping in NYC
      33. Go camping in a deep forest
      34. Go on a random road trip for a week
      35. Eat Chinese food in China
      36. Eat chocolate in Belgium
      37. Eat maple syrup pancakes in Canada
      38. Get certified to perform CPR
      39. Attend a classical concert
      40. Attend a real Masquerade ball
      41. Attend an event in Buckingham Palace
      42. Eat at a Restaurant at the Eiffel Tower
      43. Take a Helicopter Ride
      44. Learn Archery or Shooting
      45. Write a poem
      46. Learn how to eat with chopsticks
      47. Buy something from an auction
      48. Ride a mechanical bull in a bar
      49. Fly a box kite on the beach
      50. Ride on a camel
      51. Ride on an elephant
      52. Visit the Disneyland castle
      53. Learn horse riding
      54. Go adventure zip lining
      55. Carve my name on a big tree
      56. Sponsor a needy child
      57. Write a song and sing it
      58. Have my portrait painted
      59. Ride in a submarine
      60. Stand on the equator line
      61. Jump off a cliff into deep water
      62. Sit in the real audience of a live TV show
      63. Witness a miracle
      64. Say Yes to everything for 24 hours
      65. Release a paper lantern in Japan
      66. Visit the 9/11 memorial
      67. Catch real fireflies
      68. Have a Water fight
      69. Visit the Grand Canyon
      70. See the Stonehenge in person
      71. Shake hands with any President
      72. Sleep on a trampoline
      73. See the Aurora Borealis in person
      74. Visit Blue Lagoon in Iceland
      75. X-line over The Dubai Fountain

Live Your Bucket List

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