5 Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life


5 Tips: How to Spice Up Your Sex Life…


Spice up Your Sex Life

Has Your Sex Life Become Dull and  Boring?

When we are young and first discover sex it certainly is exciting times, and in our first relationships, we cannot get enough of it.  Soon after getting married young couples will enjoy sex two or three times a day with fire and passion at it’s highest.

However, as time passes, getting stuck in a routine of the same old same old causes the enjoyment of sex to start waning. Experts say that we reach our sexual peak during our 30s and our desire for sex and regular masturbation at this time is at its highest.

By practising methods to spice up your sex life can keep sex exciting but both partners should do everything possible to keep the passion, desire and adventure alive in the bedroom. Here are some problems that cause many couples sex lives to stagnate and love excitement. By knowing what these are you can make changes to spice up your sex lives again and keep things fired up.

Spice up Your Sex Life


  1. Done and Dusted WSame Old Routines.

Getting trapped in a routine can start making sex a chore rather than the fun pleasurable experience it should be. Planned sex means getting undressed, skipping the passionate kissing and foreplay and focussing straight on getting to the orgasms. get Adventurous, naughty, down and dirty!

With men, that is quite easy but for women, this will start meaningless and fewer times reaching satisfying climaxes. Spicing up your sex life means being creative and spontaneous focussing on your partner’s needs and doing so will satisfy your own. When you do have time together use it wisely and keep your pursuits of pleasure adventurous and passionate.

How to Spice up Your Sex Life


  1. Where has The Desire Gone?. 

Sometimes you are just not going to feel desirable not have any desire for sex and this is normal. Pressures of life and busy careers put pressure on relationships and sex lives. Planning naughty weekends away and being adventurous in the bedroom can rekindle those desires again. Adding sex toys and games to your pursuits of pleasure can also enhance your sex lives and bring them back renewed.

  1. Responsibilities and Demands of Children.

After having a baby that wants constant attention or with children can cause new parents to be tired a lot of the time and sex takes 2nd or even 3rd place. Your relationship needs extra care after your first baby or when you have children, so you must make sure that your partner gets big doses of love and attention otherwise neglect can cause problems to arise…

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Spice Up Your Sex Life

When the times between having sex start getting further and farther apart then you both need to reconnect and once the children are tucked away focus on enjoying intimate time together rather than just going to sleep.

Go to bed early and focus on each other’s needs when you have time alone for pleasure and your sex life will start coming alive again. Bring out the sex toys and be deliciously naughty while you have this time alone.

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  1. Be Adventurous, Not Serious!

Good sex contributes to a person’s health and well being but being serious about sex takes the fun out of enjoyment.

When you start being serious in the bedroom and criticize yourself and your partners’ performance while trying to be a perfectionist will ruin your sex life. Your only focus while being intimate is giving pleasure and receiving it back together. Adult toys, experimenting with new positions and having downright fun sharing passionate moments like when you were young couples will renew the spark in your sex lives again.

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  1. Masturbation for Him and For Her!

Masturbation is an important part of sex lives and you can either go it alone or make it exciting together. Couples can focus solely on masturbating each other to climax exploring each other’s bodies in new exciting ways to find out pleasure spots or use sex toys, adult games and even erotic movies to rekindle the passion again.

Masturbation alone or with a partner helps you get back in touch with your body again and it helps relieve stress, improves sleep, and relaxes the body completely. It’s ok to use adult toys for masturbation and better if you are both prepared to openly talk about having them.

Go all out to improve your sex life together and enjoy every moment of intimacy with each other, exploring, loving and pleasuring just like the days when you met and sex was a new adventure…

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