10 Weird Facts About Sex Dolls

1. Sex Dolls were used by the Nazis during WW2: It is believed that Hitler…

Sex Dolls

Sex Dolls

1. Sex Dolls were used by the Nazis during WW2:

It is believed that Hitler had approved a project that allowed the distribution of inflatable sex dolls for his soldiers. The idea behind this was that if the German soldiers had sex dolls, they would avoid the brothels in Paris. Unfortunately, this story was declared as nothing more than a hoax in the early 2000’s due to a lack of any sort of documented evidence.

2. Sex Dolls were the Inspiration for the Modern-Day Barbie Doll:

Believe it or not the inspiration behind the Barbie doll was in fact a small sex doll known as the Bild Lilli Doll. This doll was based on one of the most beautiful German actresses of the 1950’s and was primarily sold to adult men. Creepy.

3. Sex Dolls Weigh Quite a Lot:

While they might seem to be rather light, silicone and other synthetic sex dolls can actually weigh anything from 34kg (75 pounds) to 52kg (115 pounds). The good news is that this makes them sturdy when the fun starts to get rough.

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4. Male Sex Dolls are not very Popular:

While there are hundreds of varieties of female sex doll to choose from, there are very limited options when choosing a male sex doll. Female sex dolls can also be fully customized while male ones can’t. These are some of the reasons why only roughly 10% of sales of sex dolls are for male dolls. Other reasons why they are not popular might also be that they are much heavier.

5. There is a Guy Who is Married to a Sex Doll:

There is a guy in the United states that is actually married to a sex doll. He goes by the name of ‘Davecat’ and has featured on the reality series My Strange Addiction. In addition to his silicone wife, he also has an additional 2 sex dolls which are his extra special companions – or mistresses if you like.

6. Sex Dolls are also known as Dutch Wives in Japan:

Dutch sailors were amongst the first inventors or pioneers of sex dolls. They would fashion their dolls out of leather and use them on long voyages. Later they started trading them to the Japanese and the term Dutch Wives is still used to describe sex dolls in Japan today.

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7. Fleshlight Tried to Patent Sex Dolls way back in 1995:

The creator of the worlds most popular sex toy for men, once tried to patent their own version of the sex doll in 1995. He never got around to fully developing the idea though so the world will never know what the Fleshlight sex doll would have been like.

8. Collectors of Sex Dolls are known as iDollators:

A group of men known as iDollators exist. They are fans and collectors of sex dolls and treat the dolls as real love companions. They also claim that the sex dolls make far better companions and are much easier to live and deal with than actual women.

9. The Popularity of the Modern Sex Doll is mostly thanks to Howard Stern:

Sex dolls entered main stream media during the 90’s when Howard Stern purchased a sex doll and then proceeded to have sex with the doll live on air during his radio show. After that orders for sex dolls went through the roof and demand for these special companions has been growing steadily ever since.

10.  Ryan Gosling Starred in a Movie about Sex Dolls:

The movie called Lars and the Real Girl was released in 2007 and stars Ryan Gosling as a shy man struggling to socialize, who announces to his worried family that he has a new girlfriend. To their amazement his girlfriend is in fact a sex doll who Lars continues to treat like a real person despite his family’s constant intervention and objections.

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